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The Athletes for Hope program is so important

because it helps athletes with better performances, a sense of purpose, mental resilience and skills for life.

In America, the Athletes for Hope active membership includes over 6,000 athletes across numerous sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL as well as Olympians. Athletes for Hope members recognise their unique potential to positively affect the lives of others.


Through our programs, member athletes take action on a daily basis with charities and causes across the country. From making a visit to a local children’s hospital to creating a weekly fitness program at a Boys and Girls Club, these athletes are committed to making an impact in the communities where they live and play.


Athletes for Hope strives to help athletes giving back make a powerful difference with their philanthropic journey.



Ambassadors provide inspiring stories of how they have positively impacted many lives.


Support athletes with training and skill development through tailored programs.


We help athletes discover their purpose and connect them with a cause that they are passion about.


The Athletes for Hope founders, Muhummad Ali and Andre Agassi are prime examples

of how when you find your purpose and support a cause close to your heart, you can make an incredible impact on other people's lives.

Their sporting prowess has been well documented, but their greatest achievement is that which they have done for their community in their post-sporting life. Learn more about their inspiring stories.

Following in their footsteps are our Australian Ambassadors, each with their own inspiring story and positive impact on sport philanthropy.

Ambassadors represent a range of sports including Boxing, Tennis, Surfing, Cricket, AFL, Swimming and Basketball.

See each of our ambassador stories by clicking on their profile image below.

Field Hockey Players

"The skills you learn in the workshops will have a lasting impact for the rest of your life."

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