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A Community


Athletes for Hope Australia is “cause-nostic”. 

That is, we’re not aligned with any particular cause.


Rather, we support the causes that our athletes want to engage with after an exploration of their beliefs, values, backgrounds, interests and passion. 


By investing our time in understanding athletes’ passions, community partners can have confidence that athletes will truly engage with your cause because they are already interested and WANT to help.  It’s not just a contractual obligation.

Athletes for Hope in the United States has been able to connect athletes with over 2000 community causes since it was founded in 2007.

Girls in a Sports Practice
The power of sport and athletes in Australia has the potential to amplify the impacts that your community organisation is already making. This is invaluable support, particularly as we battle the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Laura Johnston, Co-Founder Athletes For Hope Australia

who should get involved?

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To inquire about becoming an Athletes for Hope Australia Community Partner, please click the link below.


In line with our values of “Integrity, Connection and Impact”, Athletes for Hope Australia will only partner with organisations that meet strict criteria in line with our Partnerships Policy.

Children Running

athletes for hope impact

“Athletes for Hope has provided children in homeless families with the opportunity to play with basketball stars and soccer legends right in the shelters where they live. It’s a powerful thing for children to see professional athletes they look up to and have the chance to interact with them.

The athletes talk with our children about the importance of educating the brain as well as the body, reading books and talking one-on-one. We are so grateful for our partnership with Athletes for Hope which make it possible for our children to have these incredible experiences!”

Jamila Larson, LICSW, Co-Founder, Homeless Children’s Playtime Project

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