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Participating in the Athletes for Hope Australia program brings great benefits for sporting organisations.

Sporting organisations are able to provide a proven program for athletes that builds on their Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement offering - without cost.


At a time when funding of elite sports is stretched, such offerings are invaluable.

Athletes who passionately and effectively engage with their community are good for the brand and reputation of sporting organisations and can help to boost the profile of your sport at the community level. 


This could be particularly helpful to attract new and diverse participant groups.

Happy Sports Team

The benefit for SPORTING


  • Provides a fully-funded, high-quality, proven program for athletes

  • supports athlete wellbeing

  • helps athletes find purpose, which has evidently improved performance

  • develops well-rounded people, which is good for culture, brand and reputation

  • supports transition for athletes to post-sporting career

who should get involved?

Athletes for Hope Australia is for all sporting organisations.

Olympic sports, professional sporting teams and sporting organisations can all benefit from the program.

HOW DO we get involved?

Athletes for Hope Australia is in the process of securing funding to offer its Causeway Program free of charge to athletes and sports. 


We already have significant interest from Australian sports and we are now taking expressions of interest to pilot workshops. 


If you would like to enquire about us piloting a workshop for your sport or a group of athletes, please email

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