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With ONE donation,

you impact DOZENS of community causes

and change THOUSANDS of lives.


To inspire and support athletes to engage with community giving and then to connect athletes with community organisations about which they are passionate about, Athletes for Hope Australia relies on donations and funding support from our Partners.


Our Donors and Partners have a unique opportunity to have a profound impact on athletes AND the community causes with which they connect. So why Athletes for Hope Australia?​

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Proven Program

Athletes for Hope in the USA has over 8,000 member athletes contributing to over 2,000 community causes.  It is the largest sporting philanthropic organisation in the USA by far and Australia can replicate that impact here.

Deep Impact

You’re helping to create broad and deep impact.  With just one investment, you can change the lives of hundreds of athletes and thousands of lives. The power of sport and our athletes can strengthen to reach of a number of community causes and amplify the impact of those causes.


The Athletes for Hope model has unquestionable value to athletes, sport and the community.  It is backed by Australian sports and sporting bodies. COVID-19 has elevated the appetite that athletes have to broaden their perspectives and experiences and to engage with and support community causes. 


With your donation, you can:

  • Enable delivery of "Discover" workshops to inspire athletes to engage with community organisations

  • Fund a particular sport to participate in our programs

  • Support the personal development and skills training for our athletes to optimise their impact and engagements

  • Facilitate athlete connections with reputable community organisations

  • Create impactful athlete-led campaigns for positive social change


Support for Athletes for Hope Australia can translate into:

  • Donor recognition and branding on our website, social channels, promotional materials and annual reports;

  • Opportunities to engage with Athletes for Hope Australia Athlete Ambassadors and Program Athletes; or

  • Exclusive invitations to:

    • Athletes for Hope Australia events

    • Participate in tailored Athletes for Hope Australia workshops


Of course, every donation and contribution counts and is tax deductible. 


So please donate to provide your support.

Every contribution will make a profound impact.


Promote and amplify the impact of social causes through the power of sport

Inspire other community giving

Engage the community with sport and physical activity

Develop athletes as resilient individuals

Inspire the next generation of Australian athletes

Provide opportunities for Funding Partner staff or connections to engage with community causes

For organisations, raise positive brand awareness

Our partners

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