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Bachar Houli a Role Model for Sport Philanthropy

Bachar Houli becomes an Ambassador for Athletes For Hope Australia.

Athletes For Hope Australia welcomes Bachar Houli as an Ambassador to its sport philanthropy program to inspire other athletes to find and support a cause they are passionate about.

Bachar Houli has become a community leader and particular inspiration for young Australian Muslims participating in Australian rules football and community sport. His Bachar Houli Foundation has reached over 35,000 participants in its seven year history.

The Bachar Houli Foundation (BHF) is a unique non-for-profit organisation that aims to develop young leaders within the Muslim community. The BHF aims to support social cohesion by fostering young Muslims with a sense of belonging through football development. The foundation also creates employment pathways through traineeships and builds cross-community bridges by promoting social inclusion through elite football programs.

"Bachar's leadership in the Muslim community epitomises the potential of many athletes to create positive change for a cause they are passionate about", said Athletes for Hope Australia Co-Founder, Laura Johnston.

Since establishment, the BHF has developed seven successful programs; each has a unique focus around football development, employment, leadership and identity.

The BHF has now reached 35,000 participants through sport and leadership programs demonstrating the impact one passionate individual can achieve.

Houli leverages his sporting profile to share achievements and events across his social media.

"A great week with our @bhfoundationau Senior Girls Leadership program, who embraced the ideals of health and wellbeing, identity and leadership through sport. Special thanks to @pumafooty@pumaau who have been a tremendous supporter of our programs from the outset."

He wrote on his social account @BacharHouli14.

Sport philanthropy is at the heart of what Athletes For Hope Australia does. Its unique structure supports and empowers athletes so they can connect and inspire through their chosen community causes. Bachar Houli's actions speak for themself and is why he makes such a suitable role model.

It is not just the BHF that Bachar has supported.

He uses his sporting profile to contribute toward many meaningful causes to help raise their profile and give back including initiatives like The Roughin' It Challenge.

On his socials he wrote "Did you know that more than 24,000 people are homeless in Victoria every night? It’s a massive number and crazy to think that’s the reality for so many people in our city. This April I’m going to be raising money and showing my support for people with nowhere safe to sleep by taking part in the Roughin’ It Challenge. Join me. Live without a bed, just one bag of belongings and only $10 a day for food for one, three or five days. The Roughin’ It Challenge runs from 16 – 23 April #RoughinItChallenge#partner@launchhousing

Now that he has recently retired from AFL, we are excited to see what he can achieve through the BHF with his extra spare time!

We are especially grateful to have him on board as an ambassador for Athletes For Hope Australia as we look to launch the pilot programs in Australia following the program's proven success in the US.

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