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Choose Your Path - A Vision Australia Initiative

Walk or run 100km this April for Vision Australia

Vision Australia is inviting you to walk or run 100 kilometres this April and help raise vital funds for people who are blind or have low vision.

Sound fun? Good.

The thing is, you have to take a different route each time you go.

Having to plan out your path every time you set out your front door is a reality when living with blindness or low vision. Choose Your Path challenges you to stop, consider your movements and assess the impact it has on your life.

How It Works

  1. First register at Vision Australia's Sign Up page

  2. Choose you path

  3. Raise funds

  4. Share your path

You can join in the fun by signing up here.

Or you can also choose to support on of the vision impaired athletes already taking part.

Meet Mick

Mick Schuddinh, 67-year-old para-triathlete isn’t the type to stop an activity when an obstacle comes his way.

In 2007, Mick was diagnosed with the hereditary eye condition retinitis pigmentosa and losing the majority of his sight, Mick had to adapt. Retiring from his job as a financial advisor, he retrained to help others. As a remedial masseuse, Mick runs his own business and has time for a triathlon or two.

“Exercise keeps you positive, It’s a wonderful thing, the endorphins that you get from exercise are so invigorating and uplifting.”

The right attitude was something Mick has worked towards after seeing others go down dark paths.

Meet Ben

Ben was born with a condition called rod monochromatism, a rare hereditary condition impacting the finer details of his vision.

As a result, Ben’s development of his fine motor skills was delayed. However, this didn’t impact his love of sports or physical activity, and from a young age he knew a career in this field would suit him.

“Going through school I always knew I’d end up in some sort of sport and recreation work, it just seems to fit my personality,” Ben said.

Along with his work as a personal trainer, Ben also kept himself busy with a range of sports and represented Australia athletics, goalball and cycling all by the age of 25.

If 100km is too far for you, make sure you support some of these inspiring athletes, sportspeople and individuals taking part.

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