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Sharing Stories of HOPE during Mental Health Month

Athletes for Hope is committed to raising awareness about mental health challenges, barriers and resources during the month of May. We have seen a collective outpouring of love and support for and by athletes around the world who are staying home and keeping safe during this global pandemic. However we know that the athlete mental health crisis didn’t just begin with the COVID-19 crisis.

Speak out to provide Hope

We’ve seen some incredible examples of mental health stories and resources from ESPN and the “We are Team USA” mental health campaign from the US Olympic and Paralympic committees and are encouraged by so many higher profile athletes speaking out about their struggles with mental health. Their example sets a positive precedent forward for others who may be struggling in silence.

The mission of AFH is focused on the education, connection and recognition of athletes connecting to causes that are meaningful, and the mental health of athletes is on everyone’s mind as we collectively struggle in this current experience.

This month, we’ll be promoting a variety of mental health resources, sharing organisations that are actively supporting athlete mental health, creating tips for teams, coaches and athletes and providing much needed advocacy opportunities around athlete mental health. Over the course of the next 31 days we’ve lined up shareable social media posts, blogs and online content that we hope will encourage you to connect and engage with us in meaningful dialogue around the various facets of mental health.

As we launch our Mental Health month campaign, here are a few things to focus on for your own mental health while at home:

  • Identify a space to work and/or workout

  • Keep active: Physical health promotes strong mental health

  • Connect with teammates, friends and family via phone, FaceTime or text

  • Establish a routine

  • Follow positive news stories-take time away from daily news to find videos, quotes or stories of inspiration

  • Create something new-finding joy in discovering a creative side of your day can take your mind off of stress.

Follow along as we join with #MentalHealthMatters #MentalHealthMay #AthleteMentalHealth.

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