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Congratulations to our board members

Lisa Hasker and Malcolm Speed AO recognised in the 2020 Vicsport Awards.

Athletes For Hope Australia is proud of our Board Members, Malcolm Speed AO and Lisa Hasker on their well deserved recognition in the 2020 Vicsport Awards this year.

The Victorian Sport Awards is the night of nights for the Victorian sporting community and celebrate participants, organisers, initiatives and the volunteers behind the scenes from all levels of sport in Victoria.

Presented by the State Government of Victoria and Vicsport on Wednesday 6 October 2021, the Victorian Sport Awards acknowledged the fun, inclusive and innovative activities that individuals and clubs undertook during lockdown to remain connected with their clubs and community while also celebrating the state’s return to play.

Malcolm Speed AO was the recipient of this year's 'Outstanding Contribution to Victorian Sport Award' announced on 6 October at the VicSport annual awards.

With a long distinguished career as a lawyer, sports administrator and company director, Malcolm's tireless work helped shape Australian cricket and basketball while he also provided invaluable involvement across a number of sports including cycling, golf and Australian Rules Football.

Lisa Hasker, our Athletes For Hope Australia Chair, received the 'Game Day Administrator of the Year Eunice Gill Award'.

The award recognises individuals working in sport who have provided benefit or a positive impact to a sport of industry due to their standard of excellence. As CEO of Vicsport, Lisa displayed leadership to navigate all Victorian sports through the challenges of Covid-19, helping to interpret the rules and restrictions with regular communication through Zoom meetings and liaise with governments on behalf of sports.

Athletes For Hope Australia is very fortunate to have two such influential and top sports administrators serving on our Board to provide strong governance and leadership.


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