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Your Purpose


Discover Workshops

Our Discover Workshop provide thought-provoking, interactive and tailored learning opportunities for athletes to create their own Athlete Impact Plan by identifying the causes that matter to them, as well as their own skills, expertise and experiences that they can contribute in support of those causes.

We adapt our workshop content to the age and experiences of the athletes attending, working closely with the club, sporting body, athlete wellbeing and engagement manager or representative to ensure all content and activities will engage the group and meet them where they currently are on their journey towards meaningful community contribution. 

We deliver our workshops across Australia both online and in person, free of charge, subject to philanthropic funding support. We can co-design a workshop or program to help meet the needs of your athletes. Get in touch at

ongoing learning & personal development

Following the Discover Workshop, athletes are provided with opportunities for ongoing learning and personal development in the areas they have identified that they wish to progress their skills and expertise, in order to create greater contributions for their identified cause.

This could include (but is not limited to) public speaking training, social media and media training, social impact measurement, fundraising and not-for-profit governance education.

afha community of purpose-led athletes

The AFHA Community provides opportunities for like-minded athletes to engage with the not-for-profit sector through volunteering opportunities, Learning Circles with industry leaders and experts, networking and fundraising events.


Understanding the busy life of elite athletes, we endeavour to create a calendar of events and opportunities for the AFHA Community to build meaningful connections and relationships that align with their purpose-led pursuits.

athletes with purpose.
contributing with impact.


Empowerment Informs Purpose

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  • Athletes identify the causes they are most passionate about.

  • Athletes are inspired to act in support of those causes.

  • Athletes identify the skills and expertise they need to develop to best contribute to those causes.

  • Athletes engage in personal development to further their skills and expertise.

  • Members of the AFHA Community support each other and get involved in fellow athletes' community service activities and initiatives.

  • Athletes participate in AFHA Learning Circles and events to learn from not-for-profit community leaders and experts.

  • Athletes engage in impactful community contribution that meets the needs of not-for-profit organisations and communities.

  • The impact of AFHA athlete community service is captured, shared and celebrated.

  • Athletes share their own journeys of community contribution to inspire others.

Our Approach & outcomes

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