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Latest News from the US

Plenty has been happening back at Athletes for Hope HQ in the United States.

This month has seen a focus on the Whole Being Athlete mental health initiative. Through this program AFH shared engaging resources, compelling athlete stories and various ways to get involved in order to stop the stigma around mental health. This has been a cornerstone of AFH’s programming in 2022, particularly given the ongoing challenges of mental health resulting from COVID-19. We are proud to work with an organisation that cares deeply about the athlete and community groups it serves:

“We go with courage, to start hard conversations. We created the Pledge to Reach Out to encourage athletes of all levels and abilities to reach out to their teammates who may be struggling. We will continue to reflect as an organization, to recognize how to better take care of ourselves, and our athletes. We will take action when needed.”

The US continues to deliver excellent community program opportunities for athletes, including AFH Fit school visits and Hospital Heroes visits. Who could benefit from similar visits locally?

And as supporters of Athletes for Hope Australia, we are sure you will want to remain up to date with happenings in the US by signing up to the US AFH newsletter.

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