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Athletes for Hope Australia has been established as a registered charity

to inspire and empower athletes to discover, connect and engage with community causes: “inspired athletes, better communities”.

Our “Causeway” workshops and activities are provided to athletes free of charge, subject to philanthropic funding support.

Our Discover workshops, Connect and Engage phases provide thought-provoking, interactive and tailored development, helping athletes discover their personal passion and explore the value of community service.

Delivered either online or in-person (subject to COVID-19 restrictions and geographical limitations) our Causeway pathway explores:

Hope |  Inspiration  |  Beliefs  |  Values  |  Interests  |  Purpose  |  Resilience and Performance  |  Community Service  |  Legacy


For those athletes progressing through the Causeway further, our Discover workshops are then complemented by:

  • Skills training: Ongoing tailored training to develop relevant leadership and personal skills essential to optimise each athlete’s engagement with community organisations including:

    • Storytelling and teamwork

    • NFP governance

    • Media training

    • Exploiting social media

    • Fundraising

    • Community leadership and interaction

    • Empathy, connection and resilience; and


  • Facilitated athlete connections with reputable community organisations that are aligned with participating athletes’ passions and interests, as identified through the Discovery phase of our Causeway Program. 

  • Workshops provide a road map for an athlete’s journey to philanthropy.

  • Tailored training to develop essential personal and leadership skills

  • Facilitated connections with reputable community organisations

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