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Expressions of Interest sought for AFHA Board Directors

Athletes For Hope Australia is currently seeking Expressions of Interest for up to four appointed Directors on our Board of Directors. 

Download the AFHA Director Expression Of Interest Information here


We are seeking Expressions of Interest from motivated individuals who are dedicated to contributing their time, knowledge and insights needed to propel AFHA into a sustainable not-for-profit organisation with a national reach. AFHA wants to be known for the impact it creates, the strong relationships it nurtures and the inclusive community it builds to empower athletes to create impact for the causes they care about. 


Our aim is to expand our Board of engaged and passionate Directors with individuals offering complementary professional experience and expertise, as well as diverse life experience and backgrounds, to create a high-performing Board that holds AFHA to the highest standards of governance and performance. Belief in AFHA’s vision, mission and values is essential. 


Skills and Expertise 

We are looking for up to four (4) new board members with diverse skills, expertise, backgrounds and life experiences, with professional experience across at least three (3) of the following areas: 

  • Accounting, Audit & Financial;  

  • Business Development;  

  • Grant Writing;  

  • Marketing and Branding;  

  • NFP Industry Knowledge;  

  • Philanthropy;  

  • Sponsorship; 

  • Social Media;  

  • Social Impact Measurement and Evaluation;  

  • Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement; and   

  • Experience as current and/or former athletes. 



How to apply 

Submit your CV and an Expression of Interest letter, presentation, email or video to by Tuesday 30th January 2024, addressing the following: 

  1. Tell us about yourself and what motivates you to join the AFHA Board. 

  2. Provide details of your professional and industry experience, skills and expertise and any other relevant knowledge or experiences that would inform and shape your contribution to the AFHA Board. 

  3. Provide details of any Board and/or leadership experience. 

  4. Describe up to three key opportunities you see for AFHA and how you would help AFHA to pursue them in your capacity as a Board Director. 


All submissions will be treated confidentially. 


Please email us at if you need any further information. 

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